Profit & Dominate the Forex Markets with the Trend Champion Indicator! Cash In Up To +734 Pips per Trade with this Incredible Trading Tool!


From the Desktop of: William Farris

Date: Sunday 24th of September, 2014


Dear Future Wealthy Trader,

Read this personal letter very carefully, as it will change your life.

I am going to show you the blueprint of raking up to +734 pips per trade, with just one powerful indicator.

If you like to :

GENERATE big bucks trading the Forex markets! 

GET 100% Mechanical signals telling you EXACTLY where to buy and sell!

MAXIMIZE your profits and minimize your risk!

JOIN the top 5% consistently profitable traders!


Than you MUST check out the Forex Trend Champion indicator!


Makes up to +250 Pips per Week!

The Forex Trend Champion is designed to harvest at least +250 pips per week, on any pair!

In trades as accurate as these:

+126 Pips in EUR\USD Pair


+107 Pips Profit also in the USD\JPY

This is truly a indicator you cannot afford not to trade with.


Professional Traders have Professional Tools!

To profit like a pro you need to have professional tools,

This is why you must take a look at the Forex Trend Champion.

This unique indicator is using multiple price-action principles to generate superb trading signals, and ensure your profitability in today's volatile and risky markets.

How it works?

The indicator filters the noise of the markets and focuses only on the true movements of price. By filtering the noise it ensures that the signal is accurate and won't reverse shortly after your entry.

+734 Pips in GBP\JPY

How many times it occurred to you that you entered a signal from your indicator, just to watch price reverse a minute later and cause your losses? Not anymore.

The Forex Trend Champion has 6(!) built-in filters and confirmations that generate only the strongest and most reliable trading signals.

Most indicators focus only on a single market dimension when generating signals. Some focus on breakouts, some on overbougt\oversold periods and some on volume. The problem is that none of them combine these aspects to a full, big-picture analysis of the market.

The Forex Trend Champion nalyzes and combines insights from several angles of the market to confirm and bullet-proof its signals - and your profits!


Accurate Trading Signals!

I know how frustrating can it get to receive signals that are lagging and not accurate.

In my first trading years I've traded, backtested and optimized any single indicator I could lay my hands on. My conclusions were very disappointing - 95% of them are worst than coin toss.

Even the ones that did make some money, were so inaccurate that it was very hard to stick to their signals. This is why it is very important that you have an accurate indicator to trade by - an indicator you can TRUST.

That's the difference:

Ordinary Indicator Forex Trend Champion™


Consistent Winning Trades

The Forex Trend Champion generates consistent winning trader on ANY trading pair and ANY timeframe.

No more lagging indicators that issue late and losing signal - the Forex Trend Champion gives you LEADING signals that are consistently winning!

Just like this one:

+586 Pips : leading signal predicted the HUGE trend


Trading Results for this year

Check out the powerful trading results for this year:

January 2010 +266 Pips
February 2010 +374 Pips
March 2010 +262 Pips
April 2010 +513 Pips
May 2010 +106 Pips
June 2010 +911 Pips
July 2010 +374 Pips
August 2010 +462 Pips
September 2010 +759 Pips

Average pips per month is 447, for a total of +4,027 pips in 2010 alone!

William, I want to make +4,027 pips in 1 year! Show me How.


Great Customer Support!

We are here to help you profit.

Our support team will answer any question you have about the Forex Trend Champion and will help you achieve the most of it!

You can also read answers to frequently asked questions here.

The Forex Trend Champion user guide also describes the use of the indicator in detail, including stop loss setting and multiple trading systems with the indicator. Anything is there to make sure you just PLUG IT IN, and make money!


Automatic Alerts So You Don't need to Wait for Signals!

Unlike traditional trading methods which require you to analyze your trades manually until you reach a trading decision, the Forex Trend Champion automatically issues alert when a trade is taking place!

Each time a big move starts, you will receive an alert via sound or to your email address.

This allows you to go through your day without the need to stare at the computer, waiting for a signal.

Imagine being at your day job, when suddenly you receive an email with alert. You take the trade, and come back home at evening to see that you've made a thousand bucks this day.

For our clients, this is reality!

This efficient alert system makes the sysetm really good as it allows you to be FREE with your daily activities, and just pull the trigger when a signal occurs.


How it Works:

Trading with the Forex Trend Champion is extremely simple:

You get a signal with the Forex Trend Champion Indicator 

You enter the trade with tight stop loss

You exit when you get the exit signal

You cash profits!

And that's it!

You just follow the 100% mechanical signals - and extract profits from the money on a daily basis!

100% Mechanical Signals are in REAL TIME

Forex Trend Champion generates these mechanical signls in REAL TIME!

Many indicators nowadays are repainting their signals. This means: they generate a signal, and if it is a losing one, they remove the signal to cover their mistake.

This is simply CHEATING!

We NEVER do that.

The Forex Trend Champion gives all signals in real time, and all signals are final when they are shown. So you know EXACTLY how profitable they are :-)


Read what our Beta Testers Think about it!

"Amazing Indicator!"

"The Trend Champ is an amazing indicator! it also signals the reversals in any pair I trade. I am winning 7 out of any 10 trades I take ... this is amazing. I can't thank you guys enough!"

Tim J.


"VERY HAPPY with the indicator..."

"I am very happy with the indicator. I've tested dozens of indicators before, all with big promises of good and profitable signals. Sad to say majority was disappointing- lagging and losing money. I'm trading with the FX Trend Champion for 3 weeks, and I have to say this is one indicator that actually fulfills its promises!"

Ross Gillwald


"Telling my Boss Goodbye for good!..."

The Forex Trend Champion is definitely my favorite trading system. After only 3 days I have already made $664.65 with it. On my way to telling my boss goodbye for good!

$664.65 Profit!

Mary Ann Rozenfeld


"Made +264 in 4 trading days..."

"I made +264 in 4 trading days using this indicator. A new experience for me which I am very thankful for. Keep up the good work and keep me posted on new products you launch!"

Ken D.


"It's an Awesome feeling to catch the top by mere 10 pips..."

"I used to always enter too late or too early, and this lack of timing sabotaged my trading all the time. Now since I use the Trend Champion I get signals at the exact timing.. it's an awesome feeling to catch the top by mere 10 pips! Thanks!"

Juan O.


Works at Stocks, Indexes & Futures

The Forex Trend Champion is not limited to Forex alone - it also profits on the S&P, Dow Jones Industrial Average, CAC-40 and many other indexes and futures!

+13% Gain in the AMD Stock


$5,125 Profit in the Oil Market


Unlike 99% of indicators and robots that work only or few pairs, the Forex Trend Champion works on ALL pairs & Stocks so you have ENDLESS opportunities for profits!

Whether it is the EUR\USD or most exotic pairs like CAD\JPY, the Forex Trend Champion gives you 1st class signals that ensure your survival and thriving in the Forex markets!

William, I want to join the Forex Elites!


You'll be taking trades like these:


Just Follow the Signals- and Make Money!

This will be the easiest money you will ever make!

Just follow the signals the indicator generates, and you will make money - period.


Let's cover what you don't need:

Don't need to be a trading pro!

Don't need experience!

Don't need knowledge!

Don't need to analyze the charts!

Don't need to spend another dime on crappy robots!

Don't need to have big initial investment!


Never had a losing month

The Forex Trend Champion has never had a losing month, and is consistenly profitable, raking hundreds of pips per month!


Super Easy to Use!

The Forex Trend Champion is very easy to use!

Signals are given in a simple form that anyone can understand. You don't need to be a professional trader or have experience.

The user guide that accompanies the indicator explains exactly how to trade it for max profit!

It is also VERY EASY TO INSTALL. In 5 minutes you will be trading and profiting with the Trend Champion!


Avoid these disadvantages you get from using standard indicators:

Avoid selling too low

Avoid buying too high

Avoid entering too early

Avoid entering too late

Avoid the psychological stress that trading involves

Avoid being on the wrong side of the trade


These disadvantages will easily destroy your trading account.

Avoid them by using the Forex Trend Champion now!


Leading & Accurate Trading Signals!

The Forex Trend Champion generates leading trading signals for you to trade, with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Forget about entering late and see that the majority of the trend already ended. Once you will put the Forex Trend Champion system into effect you will receive PRECISE and EARLY signals of ALL MAJOR MOVES!

Yes, William, I want to start taking profitable trades like this!


You'll improve your profits SIGNIFICANTLY

The Forex Trend Champion can also be used if you already have a good trading system.

You can use it to confirm your existing signals and to maximize your hit rate.

This makes your profits grow significantly and your account to grow faster than ever before!


100% Mechanical entry and exit rules

The Forex Trend Champion generates clear and 100% mechanical entry and exit signals.

No need to analyze the markets anymore- just follow the signals and you'll be taking profits out of any big trend that comes your way!

The Forex Trend Champion also generates tight stop loss automatically for each trade so your risk is minimal and low and you are trading with confidence!

Forget about drawing trend lines or identifying ambiguous chart patterns- this is for suckers! Come on board the trading highway and start extracting profits from the markets with ease!


The Wealth Formula that an elite group of successful traders use to create and maintain their fortunes...

With the Forex Trend Champion you could join elite group of traders that consistently extract money from the Forex markets.

No more fluff and no more wasting money on robots, this system is EVERYTHING you need to profit in Forex.

If you want to have your accounts looking like this:

79.4% Gain in 30 days!

Than you need the Forex Trend Champion.


BONUS: Bollinger X Indicator

After your purchase you will receive a hot bonus: The Bollinger X indicator.

The Bollinger X Indicator uses a interpolation of Bollinger Bands to identify reversal signals in the Forex Markets.

Take a look:

Bollinger X Indiator on charts of Gold

You cannot get this indicator anywhere else, and as a client of Forex Trend Champion you will receive it for FREE!



What you get:

Let's review what you get in the Forex Trend Champion package:

Forex Trend Champion™ - 100% Mechanical indicator for dominating the Forex markets and extracting consistent profits!

Forex Trend Alert System™ - The alert system that generates sound\email alerts when a signal occurs so you don't need to monitor it manually!

Forex Trend Champion Blueprint™ - The complete blueprint for using the Forex Trend Champion, including 3 trading system designed to generate consistent signals for you under any market condition!

Forex Risk Minimizer™ - An awesome book for minimizing your trading risk and mintaining a healthy, successful mindset for trading! This is a MUST if you want to succeed in trading!

Bollinger X Indicator™ - The hot indicator that generates reversal signals using Bollinger and Price-action techniques.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee- You are fully protected by 60 days money back guarantee so there is no risk to you! You can get your money back at any time.


You'll get all these incredible tools immediately after purchase.

This package will be yours for the time-limited price of only $37 $7

Yes, forget about expensive robots for $149 or trading courses that cost $497.

We want ANYONE to be able to profit in the Forex markets so we price our package for only $7

However, to provide our clients with the highest quality support, we will only offer 200 packages for sale. Once these copies are gone, we will raise the price to the normal $7 price.


Claim your copy NOW for the limited launch price of only $7!


To Your Success,

William Farris

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